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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Mail Order vs. The Net

Hi there,

Most people these days are so busy attempting to make money on the web they have forgotten about direct mail & mail order. It takes a lot of time to set up a website and figure out which keywords to buy. Besides the obvious cash outlay for hosting and keywords you have to become an expert on how and where to use keywords in your text and then either learn html yourself or hire someone. Hiring someone is fine but SEO people can be just like automobile mechanics. How do we really know If what they are saying is true. I say this only because I spent $5000 to build my website Express Computer Products. I then spent over $2500 on search blast. You know the ones, pay $29.95 now and we will submit your url to 50 million search engines. Then $299 for the Yahoo directory and lots and lots of ad programs with google. After about 6 months I can tell you that I get about 5-8 people a day coming to my site After all that money and MONTHS of reading and learning I have had 3 people order!!
There is hope however and it lies behind a forgotten door called mail order. Believe it or not there are still an incredible number of people that don't have email addresses or cell phones for that matter. Recently I have been placing small ads in local papers.......I know I sound like Don Lapree for any of you that are old enough to remember him!!! I have also been placing ads on eBay. I have received a much better response and made TWICE as much money placing ads in newspapers. I am going to refer you to some money making products now that first might serve you personally and have the potential to make you loads of money professionally. If you are interested in becoming a great copywriter, someone that can write extremely effective mail order pieces I highly recommend Dan Kennedy. Go to eBay and buy Magnetic Marketing or email Joe Occhino at Joe is a Dan Kennedy licensee and will sell you magnetic marketing brand new in the shrink wrap for a third of the retail price. Also check out some of my links in the right hand corner of this blog.

To your success........

Saturday, December 10, 2005


What to do with names and email addresses of customers

Now that you have accumulated some names, and email addresses of customers it is time to crank up the marketing machine. People make purchases on an emotional level, regardless of how much they will tell you they really "thought about it" before they pulled the trigger.
Your job as a salesperson or small business owner is to make sure that your customer knows you care about them. Remember:

You really can get everything you want If you help
enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar


If you think that all they want is "the best price" or the "fastest service" you are only half right. If that truly is all they want then you are dead in the water anyways because you surely can't compete with Walmart, Staples, Starbucks, Costco etc.
No my friends, your customers want to be appreciated, to know that they matter and to be a part of and recognized by the group(you). Does Starbucks make great coffee? Not necessarily but it is the only place I know where you can be such a pain in the ass individual, I mean "unique". A place where you own your style of coffee, a place where everyone knows your name. Sound familiar?

So here is your mission, should you accept it.

1. Create a special club that your customers can be a part of. I'm not talking about some ridiculous punch card where you buy 10 and get the 11th free. Make it exclusive and make it free to join. Call it your Gold Members Club and let them know membership includes coupons and discounts not available to the general public.

2. Create a newsletter. I don't care If it's one page, just send out the newsletter with some tips and news about what's going on in your industry that will be valuable to your customer. At the bottom of the page include their Gold Club discount or coupon with an expiration date. If it is too much work for you to churn this out monthly then do it quarterly.

3. Never ever stop telling them how much you appreciate them. They should get a monthly thank you letter with some sort of coupon, or discount giving them a reason to come in the store or go to your website. Randomly send them something absolutely free. I guarantee you they will never throw away your mail. Conversely they will be excited when they do receive it.

Next up more ideas on how to create warm fuzzies and generate raving fans

Friday, December 09, 2005


Advertsing your business

The first thing we will discuss is what needs to be done before advertising your business should take place. The best place to start advertising is in your own store if it is retail. You would be amazed how many flower shops, dry cleaners and printers have no idea who their customers are or where they live. Start by putting out a "guest book" that gives people the opportunity to give you their name, address and email address. Have a weekly contest and give away a free bouquet, $25 off dry cleaning or 200 copies free. People love free stuff and contest. Every week put a picture of yourself and the winner behind the counter so people see that someone really does win.
If you are doing business online then set up an email capture box that just asks for their name and email. Make sure they know they are signing up for a special club and that their emails will never be sold. Offer discounts, coupons and free information just for signing up.
Building your own mailing list and email list is the best way to get started. Do this before you spend any money on advertising. When the time comes to advertise you still won't be using the traditional mediums.

Next stop we will discuss what to do once you have the customers information

Michael Stone


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